We are thrilled to announce a strategic alliance between McGill and the French law firm FIDUCIAIRE D’AUDIT ET DE CONSULTANTS JURIDIQUES FIDAC. After a series of negotiations, the two businesses have joined forces, aiming to advance their respective goals while considering the interests of their clients in each other’s countries.

The primary objectives of this partnership include providing comprehensive support, guidance, and representation to businesses and individuals in the areas of business, taxation, and real estate. Both parties are committed to carrying out their responsibilities with the utmost professionalism, dedicating their best efforts to achieve optimal outcomes. They have the autonomy to select their preferred working methods, as well as lawyers, collaborators, and other service providers.

We are delighted to announce the collaboration between McGill and FIDAC, as we believe this partnership will unlock new possibilities for both firms to expand their legal expertise. As part of their mission, the parties have committed to operating in the best interests of their clients and exchanging necessary information throughout the duration of the contract to ensure optimal outcomes.

We are excited about the opportunity to support and collaborate with FIDAC, further enhancing our capabilities and delivering even greater value to our clients.